Haute Couture

ambiente haute couture by morica design
villa elegante per haute couture by morica design

Haute Couture gets its inspiration from high fashion, where stitching, workmanship and materials are at the core of the design.

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Dressers are outfitted using hand-crafted leather, the furniture is embellished using precious marble, and the wood is selected on the basis of its grain.

The synthesis of this collection is a modern line with a contemporary slant that is embodied in a luxury that is not overly flashy but grounded in sophistication.

Timeless products made with high quality materials and handcrafted in Italy.

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The world of Morica

Our organisation consists of an R&D department, which continually tests and explores new materials that are in tune with our green vision of design. We have a style department that adores playing with colour and finishes to create unique, original combinations that will make your home unique, too. Our large production department consists of many craftsmen who breathe life into each Morica piece with their passion and experience.

A dedicated support service is at your disposal to guide you in your choice at each step of the way because, at the end of the day, furnishing and choosing the right furniture for your home is an important moment that deserves the right degree of care. Our entire team of experts is available to advise you and provide additional guidance regarding materials, colours or simply to listen to your issues and clarify any doubts you may have.

Lastly, our logistics department provides support to enable you to accurately track your order and to find out where your Morica piece is located at all times.

Our sample kit

Still undecided about colors and materials?

To make you find the perfect combination of colors and materials, Morica provides sample kits dedicated to each product.

On the product page, simply select “Request samples kit” to be automatically added to your cart.

Each kit consists of the combination of materials specific to the selected product (wood, leather, metal, glass).
You will receive the sample kit easily to your home paying only the shipping costs, which will be calculated directly in the cart (10 euro for delivery in Italy, 15 euro for delivery in the rest of Europe).


Environmental sustainability is at the centre of the 100% Italian production philosophy of Morica design.

Morica’s has an ambitious objective – to revolutionise the approach to purchasing in the world of furniture.

We wish to reach for this goal while retaining a high degree of respect for the environment and creating a digital location where focus on nature is combined with high-quality, beautiful – strictly Made in Italy – pieces.

Haute Couture is
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