Environmental sustainability

The choice of sustainable materials is a fundamental integral part in the manufacturing processes of Morica products.

Canaletto walnut wood finished in natural oil by Morica Design

In addition to the attention paid to the selection of raw materials, our production cycles are characterized by a low environmental impact thanks to the use of state-of-the-art machinery.

Our furnishings are made with wood from sustainable forests, certified FSC® Chain of Custody (license code: FSC-C150417).

Using sustainable raw materials means not only protecting the ecosystem and forests from deforestation, but also ensuring fair working conditions and responsible forest management from an environmental, economic and social point of view.

Green philosophy | chain control

Our suppliers are subjected to strict quality controls and carefully selected to meet the environmental and supply chain standards of Morica design.

For this reason we rely on ISO 14001 certified companies for water-based paints and we use finishes based on renewable raw materials and lead and cobalt-free oil finishes, the same ones used in the production of wooden toys for children.

We chose leathers of Italian origin certified for their low environmental impact and reduced emissions into the atmosphere. The prints – non-toxic and odourless – use HP latex inks that are environmentally friendly.

Green philosophy | environmentally friendly packaging

The green philosophy of Morica design also includes packaging, which we have designed to use as little as possible of raw material and we have made with certified cardboard.

The use of plastics and petrochemical derivatives in packaging has been reduced by over 70% in favour of recyclable or biodegradable and compostable solutions. For our packages we have chosen 100% recycled polystyrene chips that are completely degradable: they decompose in the presence of micro organisms and do not leave any toxic waste.

We have also removed plastic from the bumpers used to protect our furniture during transport and from the adhesive tape with which we seal the boxes. We also cut the use of paper for invoices, discount coupons or assembly instructions by choosing to digitize each of our documents.

Our sample kit

Still undecided about colors and materials?

To make you find the perfect combination of colors and materials, Morica provides sample kits dedicated to each product.

On the product page, simply select “Request samples kit” to be automatically added to your cart.

Each kit consists of the combination of materials specific to the selected product (wood, leather, metal, glass).

You will receive the sample kit easily to your home paying only the shipping costs, which will be calculated directly in the cart (10 euro for delivery in Italy, 15 euro for delivery in the rest of Europe).

Company certifications

Find out more about Morica design certifications.

Morica’s commitment to the environment is as important as it is indispensable. We believe in what we do and are convinced that safeguarding the future depends above all on the small daily gestures of each one of us.

legno fsc da filiera controllata by morica design

Design for the environment also depends on choices that favour the repair or replacement of individual furniture parts, to offer more and more a high quality product characterized by a long life cycle and encourage a circular economy.

In our production plants in the province of Treviso and Venice, in Veneto – Italy, we have reduced emissions into the atmosphere. We recover in an organized and capillary way the materials of waste, with particular reference to chipboard wood, thanks to a far-sighted management aimed at a significant recovery and reuse of waste processing.

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