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Parentesi low

A double-sided bookcase with sinuous shapes proposed in a new version with a metal effect to give shine and elegance to the most sophisticated spaces!

Enjoy Collection

Parentesi low

A double-sided bookcase with sinuous shapes proposed in a new version with a metal effect to give shine and elegance to the most sophisticated spaces!

Metallic effects with water patinas that are easy to match, veined and brushed woods for a piece of furniture that certainly does not go unnoticed.

Double-sided bookcase with rounded shelves in real Laguna oak
wood veneer and natural oil finish.
Curved inserts in MDF with Oxidized Bronze
water-based finish.


Parentesi low


Available in 4 weeks

Width: 160 cm
Height: 92 cm
Depth: 40 cm

Libreria bifacciale parentesi by Morica Design
Libreria bifacciale bassa Parentesi by Morica design


DIVIDERS Curved and rounded details in MDF with cloudy metal effect paint. SHELVES MDF veneered in real wood, available in three different essences.

Libreria bifacciale Parentesi by Morica Design
Scopri Parentesi, la libreria bifacciale con divisori curvati in MDF verniciato e ripiani in legno, un mix perfetto di design e funzionalità per il tuo arredamento.

Oxidized Bronze lacquering

The wise manual work of our painters who mix metal powders with water-based paints to obtain an extraordinary and unrepeatable optical effect.
Parentesi è la libreria che trasforma ogni spazio in un'opera d'arte, con la sua finitura metallica e i ripiani in legno venato, per un tocco di eleganza inimitabile.

Laguna oak

Skilful twofold brushing of the raw material using iron and tinex has furnished an sessile oak variant that is inspired by the Venetian lagoon, where the dominant colour is a dark sessile oak grain with lead green detail.

The wood used in Morica’s manufacturing processes is FSC® – Chain of Custody certified, which guarantees traceability of the supply chain and the provenance of raw materials from responsibly managed forests. The varnishes used to make our pieces are water-based and are sourced from ISO14001 certified companies. Our manufacturing processes are environmentally friendly because for us, design means living in a more sustainable world! All our creations are Made in Italy and undergo strict quality controls. For the Laguna sessile oak wood, we have used an eco-sustainable ‘pure wood’ effect finish, which retains the natural character of the wood to the eye and an untreated appearance to the touch. This is a topcoat based on renewable raw materials and certified according to ÖNORM A 1605-12, ÖNORM A 3800-1 and DIN 68861, and class A+ by the French standard DEVL1104875A.

Not a simple bookcase but a unique piece of furniture to give a distinctive touch to any room!

Product Care

WOOD AND MDF Our furniture pieces, in solid wood and genuine MDF veneered wood, are handcrafted items of the highest quality, finished using varnishes with a very low environmental impact. Maintenance of these pieces is easy and only a few steps are required to keep them in good condition.  For daily cleaning of furniture with eco-sustainable, water-based finishes, simply use a dry or slightly moistened cloth, while in the case of persistent stains use a vegetable sponge with mild soap and water. No oils or waxes should be used on furniture containing water-based finishes. Chemicals should also be avoided as they may corrode the varnish and create additional stains or halos. When cleaning flat surfaces, motion should be horizontal or vertical and be parallel to the grain of the wood as much as possible. It should also be remembered that real wood furniture exposed to direct light changes its colour over time. This change is considered to be a natural process of oxidation of the raw material. OXIDIZED BRONZE LACQUERING The parts can be cleaned with a damp cloth. No solvent-based products or products with chemical compounds should be used to avoid stains.

Libreria Parentesi bifacciale by Morica
Libreria Parentesi bifacciale by Morica design


Personalisation. Morica responds to your needs with its dedicated technicians and creative departments. Contact us to ask about how to personalise your needs!